Music orientated shows like countdowns, chart shows or specialist offerings  can be challenging to present when it comes to keeping tone, tempo and pace.

I have always loved what Z100 in New York do as a music station. They have a big sound with a great personalities and a well defined product. In listening to the station I always feel  that they live the Z100 music brand and promote the station as a must have music offering to the listener.

Check out the video.

In order to define, and brand the on-air sound, Z100 make great use of imaging and well-scheduled elements in their music shows. This really compliments the music and helps drive energy within the Presenters. The on-air staff are also masterful in the technical space and know how they want to craft the sound of each mix and link with the different elements at their disposal.

To help you Connect at the Next Level, think about the following;

  • Do you know exactly how each song starts and ends and if they have any good breaks in them? 
  • Have you got great imaging, beds, shells and drops to help you style the show? 
  • Are you taking full technical control and do you know how to maximise the software to get the sound you want? 
  • Do you know how you want the links to end and how you will build them using imaging, voice and music?

I often feel that stations have lost the “art of imaging” and Presenters don’t consider audio elements when prepping shows, especially music shows. With the changing trends in music consumption, stations have to add value and amplify the music listening experience.

Why not do it with something we already know how to do, let’s get our imaging on and bring back the energy to music radio!