“Don’t be surprised if those broadcasters that return from the virus “front-lines” will be the ones telling the stories and turning a crisis into a career.”

Not since World War Two has the globe been as, collectively, affected by a single event.
The upside to our modern bunkering down and social isolation is that there is a mass movement of solidarity in combating the Coronavirus crisis. The world is on the same side. Real and relatable have never had such a universal undertone or truth.
Content, context and messaging are tools in the communication arsenal that are defining media career as we speak. Much like war time correspondents who used their physical location and network to create content to springboard themselves from the front line to the front page,  creative broadcasters will be employing similar tactics. The challenge is to find unique and relevant angles, local context and global appeal. Stories that avoid  the melodrama of the “If It Bleeds It Leads” favoured by the 24-hour news channels, are defining the insightful broadcasters from the fear mongers. Some excellent ideas have already seen air-time. Necessity is the mother of invention and creativity, and you will see and hear this playout in the weeks ahead.
The sports industry has come to a standstill due to COVID-19 but the sports stories have not, and the broadcasters who are able to see the opportunities are telling stories that will propel their careers beyond the scoreboard .The drama of these new stories is no less compelling and the outcomes no less joyful or heart-breaking than a cup final or championship game or match. Just ask a Liverpool fan whose team may not be crowned champions in a season during which they are leading by 25 points in the league.The only consolation seems to be the sync’d playing of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” across Europe.
In a U.S. election year, the race for the White House is playing second fiddle to the Coronavirus coverage. The virus has managed to confine the Democratic Primaries to bed rest. No doubt, once Donald Trump’s opponent has been decided and the mud-slinging between Republicans and Democrats becomes mano a mano, the virus and Trump’s response to it will be used as anti-republican ammunition, and the broadcasters who were on the front-line of coverage will become the defacto experts.
This is the time to invest in your career.
Be it technology, knowledge or time. These three things will career-guard you for when we are allowed out of our bunkers into a world, that will be different from the one we left behind. No one can be 100% sure of how this virus will ultimately end up impacting the world. The stories from deserted streets, community clinics, locked down towns and mass graves, need to be told.
Don’t be surprised if those broadcasters that return from the virus “front-lines” will be the ones telling the stories and turning a crisis into a career.