Radio is real.
The people on the radio are real.
The conversations are real.
The guests are real.
The listeners are real.
The emotions are real.
The reactions on radio are real.
Radio is in real time.
Radio is relatable because they make it for me.
Real radio is relevant to  me.
This post isn’t to high five the producer and presenter for taking the audience on an emotional journey. Radio people know how to do that. We see the story that tugs at the emotion, guilt and heart of the audience. We craft the narrative, place music, use timing, activate clients for money, the audience for support and tears. We make a promo, flight it often, send it in a weekly update to staff and clients. We congratulate each other on a job well done.
This isn’t one of those instances. This is a reminder that we, the radio, are real.
We are the single voice that represents a collective psyche in our community, we are the mirror of those listening to us. We are the question looking for the answer. We are the answer when the question is asked. We seek both question and answer. Sometimes we seek neither, we just take a moment to be real.
Radio is real. Radio people are real.
It is no mean feat to broadcast your emotions on a daily basis,that’s what good radio people do. In the same way a pick pocket doesn’t tell you they stole your wallet, a real radio professional doesn’t say they are tapping into your life, emotions and being. To remain cool, calm and collected, ask and answer, call, seek and repeat, that’s a real radio person.
Radio is great, because people, make radio great.
Thank you for making great radio Bruce Whitfield. In that moment you were us, and we were you.