Sometimes the original medium still has the impact and reach required.

As a media trainer I spend a lot of time talking to radio people about expanding their linear platform thinking to include an all encompassing digital media plan.
Now more than ever, news and content need to live in a variety of places as audiences seek credible and reliable updates and stories.
I was sent the screen grab from a tweet by @jodyavrigan and the reply by @MatthewKeysLive . It got me thinking about this “radio” thing.
As much as we need to embrace platforms to push content and serve audiences, sometimes we need to acknowledge the power in the original platform and concept, in its purest form.
Let’s consider pure radio, the original AM or FM provider.
  • Radio is free, it always has been. Not a cent is spent by the end user and there is no subscription fee;
  • Radio doesn’t track your usage and serve you sneaky adverts;
  • Radio doesn’t do “social listening”, then miraculously speak about what you and your friends were discussing;
  • Radio doesn’t serve you half the story and then ask you to pay for the rest. Yes there is advertising, but audiences understand this;
  • Radio is where you are, it’s accessible;
  • Radio doesn’t rely on data or mobile bandwidth, it’s not in the #datamustfall stable
  • Radio doesn’t buffer or show you a “Page 404”;
  • Radio in most instances has sorted out electric loadshedding;
  • You don’t have a monthly debit order to listen to Radio;
  • You never have to call the service centre to ask why Radio double debited you;
  • Radio speaks your language, no subtitles or translations;
  • Radio welcomes engagement and feedback, live and in the moment;
  • Radio uses social media and digital as part of their offering. Which of these platforms have their own radio station?
  • Radio has always been “on-demand”. Switch on the radio and there is something there;
  • Radio is real, the people are real and they are accessible. Radio never speaks in the 3rd person, we are the “me and you” platform;
  • Radio lives in your area, uses your streets and facilities. Radio is local and hyper-local.
  • Radio is the champion of your community;
  • Radio is the original social distancing tool, together yet apart;
  • Radio is trusted;
  • Radio is immediate.

I haven’t taken the opportunity to consume local and hyper-local stations broadcasting in Europe or the US in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak. I’d be really interested to sample what they are doing.

In their 1984 hit, Radio Gaga, Queen asks, “Radio, what’s new”.  Sometimes nothing new is just what we need, tune-in!