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Never Waste a Good Crisis – Going Content on COVID

"Stories are our way of sharing, dealing and documenting the way people behave, think and act." It’s always darkest before the dawn, according to Florence and the Machine, and in recent times you need more than a flashlight to find any positive news in the dawning of COVID-19. If there’s ever been a “water cooler [...]

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Don’t Touch Me On My Studio.

Check out the following tips so, that like Mr Visage, you don't touch someone's studio! As a broadcaster, I’m sure you’ve heard that sharing headphones is more of a bacterial breading ground than swapping underwear with the same colleagues. I’m not sure of the scientific truth but have always been more comfortable with my own headphones [...]

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Radio. You’re Thinking Radio.

Sometimes the original medium still has the impact and reach required. As a media trainer I spend a lot of time talking to radio people about expanding their linear platform thinking to include an all encompassing digital media plan. Now more than ever, news and content need to live in a variety of places as [...]

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Captive vs Captivated.

"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”  Milton Berle One of my fondest radio memories, as a ten-year old, is listening to 702 on a Saturday afternoon while lunching with my family. We would ritualistically listen to a feature called “The Reigning Brain”, which was an on-going quiz show that happened every Saturday at 1pm. [...]

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In Other News…

"A crisis like COVID-19 is big enough to suck the oxygen out of all other news events. ALL OF THEM." Although we are not there yet, there is a point of saturation for readers, viewers or listeners in the lifecycle of a news story. The point where the angles have been exhausted, the facts shared [...]

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Leadership & Lockdown.

In the last two weeks I’ve shared some thoughts on developing a media career, approaches to being a media professional and spotting the gaps in a crisis. The mantra ‘Don’t Be Kak, Be Lekker’ seems to be a great back stop to much of what I’ve observed in the last while. It could sometimes read, [...]

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Lockdown. Countdown.

In 2008 I was co-hosting the breakfast show on Radio 2000 with Nicole da Silva (now on 5FM). As a build up to the 2010 World Cup, in South Africa, and as part of our public service mandate to foster a spirit around the event, we used to present a daily countdown to kickoff. It was a riveting feature that [...]

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Radio Is Real.

Radio is real. The people on the radio are real. The conversations are real. The guests are real. The listeners are real. The emotions are real. The reactions on radio are real. Radio is in real time. Radio is relatable because they make it for me. Real radio is relevant to  me. RADIO IS REAL. This [...]

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