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Toddlers & Tuning In.

Quarantine with a toddler for the next 21 days is a daunting prospect. In the few days we have been self-isolating my 3-year-old has commandeered the house and has both parents marching to her orders. The daily adventures of trying to work from home while keeping our little one away from the TV and rather [...]

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Change Gears.

Code Word COVID has led to a large percentage of the world being forced into lockdown as authorities, globally, try and flatten the curve of infection. With people now finding themselves in “the new normal” it seems to me that many have discovered the inner broadcaster deep within and are embracing the concept of creating [...]

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Regional Relates.

Engagement on all digital platforms is up, people want to connect with us. In a recent posting, Alfie Jay, Managing Director of Algoa FM, shared some thoughts on why radio is a leading medium in times of crisis. With recent data being shared by Kagiso Media regarding listening habits during lockdown as well as reports [...]

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Here We Are. Entertain Us.

"Your audience are begging to be entertained, oblige them." There are subtleties that distinguish presenters from being ok, good or great. One of those is the ability to talk to the listener rather than at the listener. A tell-tale sign that a presenter is talking at the audience is the way they end their links [...]

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Creating. Creative. Conscious.

"Writing isn’t divinely inspired–it’s hard work.” Inspiration is the catalytic spark needed for most creative plans, pursuits, projects or innovation. Whether it be the apple that fell from the tree that inspired Newton’s theory of gravity, Jimi Hendrix who turned a right hand Stratocaster upside down, as a left hand guitarist, and created a new [...]

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Challenge Accepted?

"Being young and talented isn't good enough" Millennial's behind the microphone are questioning if radio is still relevant to their peers in the modern media landscape. With so many content avenues for consumption, the challenge to become a young commercially viable radio broadcast professional is difficult to say the least, it often seems like it may [...]

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Don’t Be Dull.

"Dull people are boring, don't be dull" Not since World War Two have so many of the world’s population experienced such a similar event in roughly the same way and time frame. C-19 has meant isolation, fear, lockdown, common enemy, economic uncertainty, and a rapid spread of disease. Having never been a fitness fanatic, the [...]

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So, You Didn’t Win

"Winning is a choice, make the right one." The celebration of work done in our business must not be underestimated. We have extraordinarily little, collective opportunity as an industry, by no fault other than our own, to get together and just catch-up on careers, station shenanigans and things going on at an operational and talent [...]

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Is Your Show a Snack or the Main Meal?

"If you’re not asking about pizza toppings or take-out, what are you doing with your show?" Back in the 1980’s Phillips, the home appliance brand, had a TV advert with the theme “what did you do with you Phillips today?”. The advert showed a lady waking up and starting her day using a variety of [...]

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Gregarious ( /ɡrɪˈɡɛːrɪəs/ ) (adjective)

“What I value is the naked contact of a mind” – Virginia Woolf I was scrolling through an Instagram story feed recently, still half asleep and trying to will myself out of bed on day one hundred and twenty seven thousand of COVID 19 lockdown. I stumbled across a story from a friend of mine [...]

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